Statement of Privacy/Confidentiality

Prodigy Learning Center respects the privacy and confidentiality of all families enrolled at PLC. We respect your right to privacy and seek to maintain confidentiality of all information. PLC will not disclose any confidential information (without parental consent) and will refrain from intrusion into the families' lives of the children enrolled at PLC. However, if PLC believes a child's life or safety to be at risk, or when/if we have reason to believe a child's welfare may be in detriment, PLC may share confidential information with agencies as well as individuals who possess legal authority and responsibility to intervene on the child's behalf/in the child's best interest. Parents of children enrolled at PLC are required to sign a disclosure form indicating they understand PLC's mandate regarding child welfare and which will allow teachers and/or other PLC staff to release such confidential information to the aforementioned sources.

All staff at PLC, including teaching staff, will discuss with parents behavioral incidents or causes for concern using discretion regarding all individuals involved. All staff are required to sign a confidentiality agreement indicating they understand PLC's mandates and are expected to keep abreast of information regarding the Family Educational Rights and Privacy ACT (FERPA). 

Any/all information collected by fillable forms on the Prodigy Learning Center website (such as Contact forms) is kept completely confidential and will not be shared with any outside sources. The purpose of these forms is to collect pertinent information in order to respond to inquiries, questions and comments. The content of these forms (such as names, email addresses, physical addresses, etc.) will not be shared. Prodigy Learning Center respects your privacy. In the event that you wish not to share your information through these forms, please refrain from submitting the forms using false informaiton (such as fake names, fake email addresses, etc.). 

should you have any questions regarding this statement, please feel free to contact PLC.