A comprehensive learning center in the heart of Bryan-College Station

Prodigy Learning Center is a unique educational and childcare facility dedicated to providing families in the Bryan-College Station community with a high-quality, dual-language learning curriculum for infants at least 6 weeks old through 5 years of age. Our Centers are conveniently located adjacent to each other with one Center caring for infants through 2 year olds and the other Center caring for 3 year olds and up. We believe the cultural and social diversity of this community can benefit from early childhood education programs which introduce children to secondary languages such as Spanish, with an emphasis on low child-to-teacher classroom ratios.

The goal of Prodigy Learning Center is to help prepare children for their future education through a focus on language, learning, development and wellness. Ultimately, PLC provides young children with an engaging, nurturing environment using a unique curriculum aimed at preparing them for entry into kindergarten as well as introducing them to Spanish. 

We're not your average childcare center

At PLC, we recognize the importance of enriched, diverse learning for early childhood education and seek to provide children with the foundation they need to succeed in future educational endeavours. Through our comprehensive curriculum and dual-language instruction, Prodigy Learning Center introduces children to a versatile learning experience which helps them better develop and grow through education. Our low teacher-to-child ratios ensure every child enrolled at PLC receives focused instruction within an inclusive, nurturing environment. 

Additionally, PLC offers two dedicated nursing rooms for mothers who wish to breastfeed during the day. This encourages and supports optimal health and bonding between mother and infant. During regular business hours, you are welcome to come, hold, and feed your baby any time you wish. Our doors are open, and we welcome you to play an integral role in your child’s daily care and feeding that will promote a positive relationship between you both.


  • Providing quality education with low child-to-teacher classroom ratios that is affordable for families

  • Preparing children for Spanish immersion programs as well as entry into a kindergarten-level learning environment

  • Introducing children to basic sustainability concepts and skills, with a focus on wellness, through interactive indoor and outdoor play, in addition to our learning garden

  • Effectively incorporating age-appropriate technologies and learning methods into our curriculum to foster better development

  • Instructing children in a safe, clean, nurturing and engaging educational environment

  • Helping cultivate each child's creativity, confidence and success in educational programs through focused instruction and unique learning activities