Welcome to PLC's Parents' Corner

Parents play a key role

At Prodigy Learning Center, we recognize the important role parents play in the educational success of their children; that's why we created Parents' Place, a hub of resources where PLC parents can discover more about events at PLC, information regarding their child's development at PLC, and how they can participate in their child's educational journey. 

building relationships 

Our friendly Founders and staff of skilled teachers, directors and administrators seek to build positive, encouraging relationships with PLC parents in order to better support, encourage and help each child enrolled at PLC. We build these vital relationships with parents from day one and keep parents actively involved in their child's education as well as PLC as an educational facility. 


Valuable resources for plc parents

Curriculum & Learning Resources

Brazos Area Family Fun Resources

Parent Newsletter

  • A monthly newsletter is provided for each classroom

  • Important dates and special events are included

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