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Are you ready to enroll your child at Prodigy Learning Center?

We couldn't be more excited to welcome your family into the fold! If you are ready to begin your child's educational journey with PLC, please read the following information carefully and ensure you properly fill out our Enrollment Application for consideration. 

Enrollment application information

Prodigy Learning Center welcomes families to submit an application of enrollment for our educational childcare program. If you are interested in enrolling your child (or children) at PLC, please download our Enrollment Application Form by clicking the button below. All required and pertinent information requested on the Form must be properly filled out and returned to PLC via email: PLC@prodigybcs.com. Enrollment applications must be accompanied by a deposit for the enrollment fee - $200. The enrollment deposit is non-refundable. PLC utilizes electronic funds transfer(ACH) for weekly tuition payments. Parents are required to supply their pertinent information regarding electronic funds transfer prior to their enrollment.

Questions Regarding Enrollment

Should you have any questions, comments or inquiries regarding enrollment with PLC or our Enrollment Application Form, please feel free to contact us by clicking the contact button below. For further information regarding commonly asked questions, please refer to our FAQ page for more details. 

PLC works with a dedicated teaching and administration staff, operating brand new centers with various facilities (such as an indoor and outdoor activity area, outdoor garden, etc.) and only the best resources. We provide an engaging, innovative and nurturing learning environment starting with infants up to prekindergarten to help foster and encourage your child's education. In addition we provide after school care and summer camps for school age children. We can't wait to see your child thriving at Prodigy Learning Center!

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18 months - 2 year olds

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