Prodigy Learning Center is an educational, dual-language childcare center which seeks to provide a nurturing and engaging educational environment for children. 



Prodigy Learning Center is proud to offer an interactive and engaging educational program for children ages 6 weeks - 2 years old using the comprehensive Teaching Strategies Curriculum. For children 3 - 5 years old we offer We Can Early Learning Curriculum.

Dual language learning

As part of our comprehensive curriculum, PLC offers dual language instruction in English and Spanish to expose children to a secondary language through experience and practice. 


Focused Teaching

Our extensive educational program is benefitted by our low child-to-teacher ratio, allowing for more focus on your child's learning from our highly-skilled, trained instructors.

More than just a learning center


Prodigy Learning Center focuses on providing infants to 5 year olds with comprehensive learning and development activities, but we also believe in the importance of your child's wellness. In addition to our emphasis on learning and language, PLC offers extra-curricular activities which foster creativity, promote physical activity and help develop your child's motor skills. Our center's teaching garden provides children with the opportunity to learn basic sustainability lessons for a well-rounded, wellness-centric educational experience.  



We believe parents play an important role 


At PLC, we understand the importance of forming positive relationships and partnerships with parents. We foster this special relationship by helping parents throughout their child's tenure with Prodigy Learning Center and seek to keep parents actively involved in the educational experience offered to their children through PLC. Parents can find valuable information regarding their child's education and the activities at PLC through Parents' Place, our hub for important resources and information. 


Discover the possibilities with Prodigy Learning Center


We're proud to offer quality educational programs with a focus on learning and language for infants to prekindergarten children. PLC welcomes families in the Bryan-College Station community to register and apply for enrollment to Prodigy Learning Center. We operate out of a beautiful, new facility with a team of dedicated, skilled and highly qualified staff with the goal of enriching your child's life through better learning and early childhood education. 

Discover PLC's enrollment availability!

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6 weeks - 17 months

1 spot remaining

18 months - 2 year olds

2 spots remaining


2 spots remaining

Make a difference in children's lives with Prodigy Learning Center


Prodigy Learning Center offers teachers and staff the unique opportunity to make a difference in children's lives by working in a versatile, nurturing and engaging educational environment while encouraging higher learning and development. PLC is currently seeking qualified applicants for Directorial and Teaching positions available with our Center. If you are interested in working with PLC, please see application instructions below.

Apply to PLC

To apply for consideration in working with PLC, please click the button below to be taken to our Careers page.

We thank all interested applicants for their applications. Only those qualified applicants with the pertinent qualifications and submitted materials will be considered.